Making it Easier for Hunterites to Give and Take - The HunterConnects Beta

Published: 1st May 2018

The HunterConnects project was launched following my 30th Hunter Reunion, where I met a bunch of other alums that wanted to find a way for Hunterites to help the school and each other beyond giving money and attending events.

It took way longer than expected, but we've redesigned the HunterConnects app interface to make it easier for Hunterites to give and receive 5-45 minute favors, such as job/internship leads, referrals, and advice, within the private HunterConnects community. 

Students and alums are able to sign up, and, once approved, can post things they could use from or offer to other members. The app will make some suggestions on potential matches and members can also browse profiles and offer to connect directly to help or refer that member to someone they know who can, along with a warm introduction.

I hope you'll join and try out the app, or keep it in mind when you might need something from someone in the Hunter community but don't know the right person, or when you might like to offer someone some help for a few minutes, but don't know who could use it.

And I'd love to hear your feedback on how it's going and how to make it better.

Raymond Tsao
HCHS '84

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