University of Massachusetts Medical School research internship [EXPIRED]

Published: 22nd Nov 2016

Internship at the University of Massachusetts, medical school that evolves reserach into cancer.

Our laboratory studies the herpesviruses that are causally associated with human cancer. These studies include basic, translational and clinical research. We investigate the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) receptors, CD21 and CD35. The spectrum of EBV-related neoplasms reflects the cellular distribution of these receptors. Their functions are studied using the tools of molecular biology, protein biochemistry and cellular immunology to relate the regulation and structure of the respective molecules to their functions as virus receptors. 

Translational studies in the laboratory have focused on characterizing the EBV thymidine kinase as targets for antiviral and anti-tumor therapy and perhaps as a contributor to some of the virus-associated tumors. We also study a specialized human cell type that is present in human spleen alone and is postulated to have an important role in filtration - the splenic littoral cell.

We would welcome HCHS current students and alums to our laboratory during the summer months or for a year to gain exposure and experience prior to medical or graduate school as unpaid interns.

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